A lovely video blog from Roadie #42

Here's a lovely (but very short) clip from Roadie #42, where Jonny talked about the Coldplay's summer tour experience.

I love the 'Strawberry Swing' remix on the background. Hopefully they'd release this in the future.

Oh, and how could you not love Jonny? He's definitely the sweetest member of Coldplay. I heard that someone threw a bottle at him at the Pittsburgh concert. It made me really angry.

coldplay_line up

Chris' recent run of bad luck

Poor Chrissy, seems like he's having a run of bad luck! While coming out on stage at their concert in Hershey, PA on Monday, the 25th of May, Chris accidentally burnt his hand (see the bandage on his arm on the pic above). During the concert he apologised for being in a 'less-than-charitable' mood because of that incident.

Last night , at their concert in Camden,NJ, before singing 'The Scientist'  Chris told the audience that he went against his doctor's wishes by deciding to perform with the band instead of staying at home to rest.

If you'd like to know what he said, please watch the video (it's right at the beginning):

Finally, this morning, Coldplay's official website announced that their show tonight is postponed because of an 'illness' in the band. I have no doubt which member of the band is ill. Anyway, they have three days before their next concert. Hopefully, Chris gets a really good rest and is back in tip top shape for their concert in Saturday.


Guy on Twitter

Having Guy on Twitter is definitely one of the best thing that ever happened on the internet. One day I heard that he was just learning about the Twitter phenomenon and the next day he was tweeting 3 to 4 times a day. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pics he posted and whatever he has to say on his Twitter page.

The picture of Guy and his iPhone is taken from Roadie 42#'s blog here.


Chris_Apple Viva La Vida

Coldplay gives Atlanta an Extra-Special concert

Coldplay has always been very open about how much Atlanta means to them. On their first American tour, while promoting their album 'Parachutes', the band was just on the verge of giving up when their whole outlook  completely changed because of the warm reception they received in Atlanta.

Here is a snippet of review of their concert at the Lakewood Ampitheatre on Sunday, the 17th of May.
"When it comes to live concerts, it doesn’t get any better than Coldplay. I’m still energized from Coldplay’s concert at the Lakewood Ampitheater Sunday night — my second Coldplay concert in six months — with its combination of fabulous music, wonderfully artistic touches throughout the show and, of course, the magnetism of lead singer, songwriter, performer Chris Martin.
Martin and the band exemplify the best in rock-‘n’-roll artists. Numerous times during the performance, Martin thanked the audience for spending their money in tough economic times by coming to hear them play. And he wanted to make sure we got our money’s worth. We did."

Article is taken from Saportareport and picture is from

chris and will

West Palm Beach Concert Review

Here is a review of last night's Coldplay concert in West Palm Beach, Florida from PBPulse. (Photos by Taylor Jones/ The Post)

Perhaps the most lovely thing about Coldplay’s gloriously cordial “Viva La Vida” tour opener at West Palm Beach’s Cruzan Amphitheatre — and there were many — is that the band knows exactly what they are, and aren’t.

Chris Martin and company seem to have accepted that they are not edgy or dangerous, but pretty much nicely square guys from London who love straight-ahead, pretty pop songs like “Yellow” and ”Viva La Vida” with a dash of unabashedly big, anthemic songs with sweeping choruses. Their cute lead singer is married to a movie star, who happened to be sitting calmly right in the middle of the arena, and rather than make Martin seem cooler than you, the result is to make him seem like the luckiest of the nice guys.

Coldplay don’t want to confuse or anger their fans, but hug them. And if they can’t do that personally, they’ll drop swirling currents of bright paper butterflies on them and set up a stage near the lawn so the hoi polloi in the cheap seats can have a nice time.

The result is a fully-realized, feel-good show where the band’s confidence in their sound and comfort in their goofily ordinary skin allows them to take that straight-ahead, sentimental pop and send it somewhere soaring.

“At this point in the show, I feel it’s only fair to ask — Is everyone doing OK? Is everyone having a good time?” Martin asked, well into the show, as Coldplay had taken the first of two trips to side stages located in the audience. And unlike a lot of singers whose “Is everyone having a good time?” patter seems scripted in along with song introductions and what city they’re in, Martin and his Synchronicity-meets-Sgt. Pepper outfit seems to really mean it.

Chris_Apple Viva La Vida

Yellow Balloon gif

This balloon gif is one of my favourite ones out there. I could stare at it for ages. I think this is the perfect way to welcome the band's first (of many) of their Summer concerts in North America and Europe. Only two hours to go!!
Chris Martin_2


OMG!!!! I'm jumping up and down in excitement.  If you haven't heard about this before, Coldplay is giving their fans the chance to download a Live Concert album from their website. And if you're lucky enough to be attend one of their  Viva La Vida concerts (starting tomorrow in Miami and ending in London this September)  you wil get a physical CD, given to you for free. 

Honestly, Coldplay is probably one of the few bands who seem to really care about their fans. And trust me, it makes a difference to look after your fans. A huge difference!

And the album is amazing. Viva La Vida rocks, as expected. And Strawberry Swing sounds so much better LIVE. Actually, I could go on and on, but I'd better shut up.

I think I love them more today than yesterday!!! (if that's possible..).

For those interested in downloading the album, you can either go to their Official website or

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Chris interviewed by Access Atlanta

Here is a snippet of Chris' interview with Access Atlanta. (Warning: the interviewer is annoying and he's asking the stupidest questions).

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin doesn’t know if Michael Stipe will be on hand when Coldplay returns to Atlanta Sunday, but having R.E.M.’s lead singer sit in with Martin’s band back in 2005 was “a front man’s wet dream,” Martin says.

One might imagine the admiration goes both ways, considering the triple-Grammy-winning, multimillion-selling success of Coldplay’s latest album, “Viva La Vida.”

The extended tour that began almost a year ago to support the album brought Coldplay to Atlanta last November, and brings them back to perform at the Lakewood Amphitheater Sunday. In a recent telephone interview from Los Angeles, Martin talked about selling out arenas and the thunderstorm in the Abu Dhabi desert that greeted one of Coldplay’s recent outdoor concerts: “I think it was God telling us to shut up.”

The free album you’re handing out at the concert, is it a download?
It’s a physical album; it’s an actual CD.
How primitive.
It’s archaic, but it also looks very nice; it’s a nice present. It’s a way of saying thanks for liking Coldplay.
Considering illegal downloads, don’t listeners already get enough free music?
Anyone who is already at the concert has given us more than enough. In fact, we’re thinking about offering a free baby-sitting service.
Speaking of baby-sitting, is Apple [his daughter with wife Gwyneth Paltrow] going to see her godfather Simon Pegg [who plays Scotty] in ‘Star Trek?’
She’s little bit too little I think.

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