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OMG!!!! I'm jumping up and down in excitement.  If you haven't heard about this before, Coldplay is giving their fans the chance to download a Live Concert album from their website. And if you're lucky enough to be attend one of their  Viva La Vida concerts (starting tomorrow in Miami and ending in London this September)  you wil get a physical CD, given to you for free. 

Honestly, Coldplay is probably one of the few bands who seem to really care about their fans. And trust me, it makes a difference to look after your fans. A huge difference!

And the album is amazing. Viva La Vida rocks, as expected. And Strawberry Swing sounds so much better LIVE. Actually, I could go on and on, but I'd better shut up.

I think I love them more today than yesterday!!! (if that's possible..).

For those interested in downloading the album, you can either go to their Official website or

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