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Chris' recent run of bad luck

Poor Chrissy, seems like he's having a run of bad luck! While coming out on stage at their concert in Hershey, PA on Monday, the 25th of May, Chris accidentally burnt his hand (see the bandage on his arm on the pic above). During the concert he apologised for being in a 'less-than-charitable' mood because of that incident.

Last night , at their concert in Camden,NJ, before singing 'The Scientist'  Chris told the audience that he went against his doctor's wishes by deciding to perform with the band instead of staying at home to rest.

If you'd like to know what he said, please watch the video (it's right at the beginning):

Finally, this morning, Coldplay's official website announced that their show tonight is postponed because of an 'illness' in the band. I have no doubt which member of the band is ill. Anyway, they have three days before their next concert. Hopefully, Chris gets a really good rest and is back in tip top shape for their concert in Saturday.

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