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Chris interviewed by Access Atlanta

Here is a snippet of Chris' interview with Access Atlanta. (Warning: the interviewer is annoying and he's asking the stupidest questions).

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin doesn’t know if Michael Stipe will be on hand when Coldplay returns to Atlanta Sunday, but having R.E.M.’s lead singer sit in with Martin’s band back in 2005 was “a front man’s wet dream,” Martin says.

One might imagine the admiration goes both ways, considering the triple-Grammy-winning, multimillion-selling success of Coldplay’s latest album, “Viva La Vida.”

The extended tour that began almost a year ago to support the album brought Coldplay to Atlanta last November, and brings them back to perform at the Lakewood Amphitheater Sunday. In a recent telephone interview from Los Angeles, Martin talked about selling out arenas and the thunderstorm in the Abu Dhabi desert that greeted one of Coldplay’s recent outdoor concerts: “I think it was God telling us to shut up.”

The free album you’re handing out at the concert, is it a download?
It’s a physical album; it’s an actual CD.
How primitive.
It’s archaic, but it also looks very nice; it’s a nice present. It’s a way of saying thanks for liking Coldplay.
Considering illegal downloads, don’t listeners already get enough free music?
Anyone who is already at the concert has given us more than enough. In fact, we’re thinking about offering a free baby-sitting service.
Speaking of baby-sitting, is Apple [his daughter with wife Gwyneth Paltrow] going to see her godfather Simon Pegg [who plays Scotty] in ‘Star Trek?’
She’s little bit too little I think.

To read more of this, please click here.

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